Don't miss out on these incredible University of Illinois game room furniture piece! We have drastically reduced the price, making this amazing shuffleboard game irresistible. The structure is crafted using only the finest materials, with solid wood composing both the playfield and cabinet. The entire table is constructed from 100% solid hardwood, ensuring exceptional durability and eliminating any use of plywood or MDF. The cabinet, available in Navajo, boasts exquisite staining, delivering a beautiful finish. Our cabinet finish is truly unmatched, undergoing a meticulous 14-step stain and lacquer process to achieve a high-quality, furniture-like appearance that exceeds expectations. The play surface is 16" wide and 2 ½" thick, providing optimal gameplay, and is topped with a ¼" thick poured polymer resin top for unparalleled durability and an exceptional playing experience. 

Non Refundable, No Returns & No Warranties on any of these Shuffleboard Tables. These are in brand new condition and were for orders that were cancelled and that have been crated up and ready to ship direct to you.

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